XLS Regenerator

XLS Regenerator 2.12

XLS Regenerator

XLS Regenerator is a file recovery program that specializes in recovering lost, deleted, damaged or overwritten . XLS files. The program is capable of searching Microsoft Excel files on your computer no matter where they are located.

What XLS Regenerator does is it searches for the excel file you are looking for in all directories and locations, and includes your hard drive, flash drive, and other portable media storage device.

The program is also compatible with all versions of FAT and NTFS systems. In recovering corrupted documents, XLS Regenerator recovers your corrupted Excel file that is free from data loss.

While in recovering overwritten and deleted documents, the software scans the entire disk for the fragments of the file and regenerate a new one from these fragmented pieces.

For files to be recovered from deleted partitions and reformatted disks, XLS Regenerator is still able to recover your file from these disks as long as they are functioning properly.